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  • Wine Smarts Class- SATURDAY

Wine Smarts Class- SATURDAY




Wine Smarts Classes

After a Poll, it appears a Saturday afternoon and a Monday evening class time seem to be the best for most people. We will plan to host our first class Saturday, March 30th. More details will be coming soon, but here is something to get you started..... 

The plan is to hold the classes at the Food Studio. We will be able to spread out and have plenty of room for demonstrations and tasting. Our plan is to have about 90 minutes of class followed by 30-40 minutes of 'lab' where we taste wines that show off the salient points of the day's lesson. We will have some meats and cheeses there to snack on and bread to cleanse the palate as needed. 

The first sessions will be Saturday, March 30th. Subsequent sessions will be held on the next 4-5 weeks on Saturday afternoons. Both Monday and Saturday sessions will be identical but offered for the most convenience of your schedule. The first session will cover basic history and development of wine, how wine is made, tips on tasting, wine evaluation method, and wine etiquette. Later sessions will cover the main wine regions and wine grapes of the world, reading a wine label, wine customs and law, and a host of other topics related to a well-rounded background in wine. 

The cost for each session is $49 and includes the study materials, cheese/meat and bread boards, and wines for the lab. You can sign up by calling us at (406) 586 - 8828 or send an email to