The May Calendar is FULL.....

The May Calendar is FULL.....

May Celebrations

My father was fond of saying “There can never be too many celebrations!” It seems like May is full of good celebrations and we are here to make those celebrations memorable.

• The week of May 8th is Teacher’s Week. Everyone’s life has been impacted a teacher in some positive way. We all have relatives and friends who are teachers. I really can’t name a profession that requires so much education, so much dedication, or so much inspiration as teaching. As much as those attributes are admirable, I can’t think of another more thankless or under compensated position. 

These dedicated folks teach our children everything from the ABC’s to Chinese Algebra. Often they spend their own money for classroom materials and their overtime work is rarely included in their paycheck. Take a minute to thank your best teacher, your sister or brother, or the teacher of your child for doing the honor of passing on our science, art, languages, culture, and history. 

They might even appreciate a nice bottle of wine or a gift basket! Call us or come in and we’ll make it happen.

• Next weekend is graduation at MSU. Tiffany reminded me that one of the best graduation presents for her was a gift basket of goodies to munch on after the hordes of well-wishers were gone. If that won’t work, most graduates are over 21 so a bottle of good wine may be just the thing to mark the transition into responsible adulthood. 

If you are celebrating with a party, don’t forget we have a great selection of sparkling wines from $10.95 to $175. 

Mother’s Day is May 14th. Mothers have done everything for us. They bore us, fed us, spanked us, trained us, comforted us, counseled us, and encouraged us. They did that EVERY day-- even on Mother’s Day. 

Not to plug the wine business too much, but one wag said that giving your Mom a bottle of wine is a good idea because you are the reason she drinks in the first place. No, in a semi-seriousness, Mom deserves the flowers and a mimosa (or two) with that Mother’s Day Brunch. If you want to really give  Mom a great gift, give her a gift certificate to the Wine Gallery. She can pick out her favorite wine, gourmet treasure or wine gadget and you still get the appreciation and the credit. You might even rate “Favorite Kid” status and get your photograph on her refrigerator door.