Spring Rose Tasting

Spring Rose Tasting

Thu, June 28, 20185:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Raise a Glass to Summer! 

The long, cold winter and wet spring have us anxious to find new favorite 'go to' Rosé's for the store! For us Rosé is more than a simple pink wine. While a symbol of summer sipping, the diversity of styles makes Rosé a versatile partner at anyone's table. There are SOOO many options today, so we decided to call in your help. It's also more fun to have a group tasting then sipping, swirling and spitting all by ourselves! Wine, after all is a social drink. 

We have organized our first ever Rosé Tasting (hopefully soon to be called 'Annual Rosé Tasting') where we will be featuring up to 40 different Rosé's of all shades of pink and from all over the globe! 

Where: Food Studio
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Cost: $30/person 

(This includes the wine & cheese, charcuterie, and cracker boards)

Please call us at (406) 586 - 8828 or email us at bozemanwinegallery@gmail.com to order your tickets. We are only selling tickets to the first 35 Rosé tasters, so don't wait!! 

** NOTE: this is a focused tasting, which is why we are having it earlier in the evening so you can still go and enjoy a beautiful dinner afterwards!