Important Notice for Wine Club Members

Important Notice for Wine Club Members

Important Notice for Wine Club Members

Nobody likes hearing the price of anything is going up but after 13years of keeping the Wine Club rates at the same level, we are announcing the first price increase since 2004. It isn’t right to just announce the number with no justification so it is important to look at the factors weighing on this decision. 

Our US inflation index is up 25% since 2004, the price of an automobile is up 27% since 2004 and the average price of a bottle of wine isup 33% since we started the Wine Club. Rent, insurance, groceries, wages, travel, utilities and taxes are all up by comparable increments. There will be no mention of the cost of higher education or health insurance because those categories are way above reasonable discussion. 

As a comparison with our competition, one of the other wine merchants in town who also has a wine club offers ONE bottle per month of a white wine for $40 maximum. Alternatively, they offer one bottle of red wine for the same $40 rate. If I did the math right, I know the Wine Gallery is more than competitive with TWO bottles of premium wine for less than what Brand X offers for just one. 

It isn’t all gloom and doom. We have a much wider array of wines and wine distributors to choose from and we continue to find great values for the Wine Club. For the most part, you won’t even notice. Looking as far ahead as September, we are still essentially operating at the 2004 levels.

However, as of June 1, we will be increasing maximum levels for WineClub selections by a little over 10%. To me, this is about half of the overall inflation increase since 2004. The bright side of this is that adjusted for inflation, Wine Club members are paying comparably less than they were13 years ago.

As of June 1st, 2017:

- Two white wines will be a maximum of $28
- The red-white combination will be a maximum of $34
- Two red wines will be a maximum of $39
- Millennium Club members will have maximum of $35 per month

If you have comments or input, please feel free to contact me at 586-8828 or drop an e-mail to [email protected]