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  • Fall Cider and Wine Tasting

Fall Cider and Wine Tasting




Some of the new found popularity is cider’s reputation as artisanal, farm-to-table, its embodiment of terroir, as well as a small batch heirloom production. Cider has found traction with beer and wine drinkers, locavore enthusiasts, urbane hipsters – and the gluten-free crowd. So yes, essentially everyone.

If you are a cider aficionado or just curious about cider, we are sponsoring a Fall tasting at the Food Studio that will feature ciders and wines suitable for Autumn. We are planning on at least 10 ciders and some yummy Fall charcuterie and cheese selections. 

Mark your calendar for 6 PM- 8PM, October 18th. Tickets go on sale today for $39.
To reserve your spots, call us at 586-8828 or send an e-mail to