Champagne.... Not just for celebration anymore

Champagne.... Not just for celebration anymore

Champagne is NOT just for celebration....  

For centuries, this amazing bubbly beverage has been used to launch ships, congratulate newlyweds, sign historic documents and business deals.  In fact, ever since the first King of Franks converted to Christianity in 496 in Reims, the wines from the Champagne region (before they were sparkling wines) have been seen as the "Wine of the Kings." 

Besides of marking special times, many see Champagne as its own celebration from the popping of the cork to the streaming bubbles in the glass. Not only are these wines tantalizing to the palate, they also make an excellent complement to an array of foods.  

Many of us in the wine trade have spent (and still are) countless hours trying to find ways to convince people that Champagne isn't only for special occasions. As Napolean said, "I drink Champagne when I win to celebrate, and I drink Champagne when I lose to console myself." 

So, for this upcoming New Years Eve we will all be planning the epic celebration beverages - Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Cava, Prosecco - whatever it may be, we hope to help you find that perfect bubbly to celebrate the New Year! And then, come January 2nd, it's still ok to pour yourself a glass of bubbly for any occasion - while watching your favorite new episode of Grinder, or Sunday night football. 

All of us at the Wine Gallery wish you a happy and safe New Years! May 2016 bring good fortune, and of course, new memorable and exciting wine experiences!