Annual 93 Point Wine Tasting

Annual 93 Point Wine Tasting

Sat, March 9, 20197:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Annual 93 Point Tasting
March 9th; 7pm - 9pm
at the Food Studio

For many a high scoring wine, there is a higher price tag involved and spending $30 to $40 to find out if you like that wine (or not) may be a little dicey for most of us. IF the new $13 bottle you open on Tuesday doesn't tickle your taste buds, it is no big deal if it goes in to Saturday night's stew. On the other hand, if you open a 95 point $35 dollar wine and it doesn't appeal to the palate, we would all cringe pouring it down the drain or using it for cooking wine. 

Fortunately, your friendly wine merchants at the Wine Gallery have come up with a way to taste and try some of the highly rated wines before the "buy" or "not buy" decision is made. Our Annual 93 Point Tasting is scheduled for March 9. That odd title refers to the wine magazine scores for the wines we will present. In order for a wine to be opened at this event it must score 93 points or greater in one of the major wine publications. For $79 (the price one would pay at a restaurant for a single bottle of these fine wines) tasters will have the opportunity to test 35 - 40 different 93 point (or greater) wines and compare them side by side. Our format also allows you to try the samples with various foods to form a reference for special dinners at home. 

Chef Daniel Wendell at the Food Studio will provide some gourmet finger foods to sample with these wonderful wines. Get your reservations in early; we will have a maximum of 36 seats available for the event. 

Call us at (406) 586 - 8828 or send an email with your ticket request to