Annual 93+ Point Wine Tasting - POSTPONED

Annual 93+ Point Wine Tasting - POSTPONED

Fri, April 3, 20207:00 PM - 9:00 PM

93+ Point Wine Tasting 

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have decided to postpone this event until the situation is under control. Thank you for understanding, we are doing this for the safety of our valued customers and community. 

I never tire of telling the story about how the greatest wine event in Montana came about. 

Six or seven years ago, one of our good customers attended the Grand Tasting we do every November. All the wines at the Grand Tasting are rated 90 points or better and retail between $12 and $20. After the tasting this good customer remarked that if he walked into the Wine Gallery and bought an untasted 90 point wine for $15 he wouldn’t mind pouring it down the drain after he got it home if he really didn’t care for it himself. However, if he saw a wine that rated 93 points and cost $50, he would have a really hard time pouring it out if he didn’t like it.  

He proposed to me that we have a tasting where every wine is rated 93points or higher. If we could sample the wines, we could have a much better idea of how they would fit our own palate. Once tasted, the buying decision is much easier. We at the Wine Gallery thought that was a great idea. That is the short version of the premise for our 93 point tasting. But we add one more thing to make it memorable: we are staging this event at the Food Studio. Chef Daniel Wendell will be presenting a stunning array of appetizer sized culinary inventions to give you a chance to see how these world class wines pair with food. 

Mark April 3rd on your calendar and save the date. Tickets are for $89 each. Your ticket includes these fabulous wines, gourmet small plate appetizers from the Food Studio as well as gratuity.

Call us at (406) 586-8828, email us at [email protected], or purchase your tickets on our website.