The Wine Gallery is more than just a bottle shop. Yes, we have 1150 different labels on the shelf, but we are more than just wine.

  • Our goal is to maximize the enjoyment of wine by providing good information and advice without the “wine snob” attitude. At the Wine Gallery, we are much more interested in your tastes and preferences than the opinions of the big wine magazines. We are here to help, not intimidate.
  • At the Wine Gallery, we don’t just sell wine; we are focused on increasing consumers’ knowledge about wine. Our commitment reaches out to the community in our Wine Smarts classes and our weekly informational newsletter.
  • The Wine Gallery is home to the largest community based Wine Club in the Northwest. New wines each month allow members to explore new grapes and new wine making regions.
  • Our staff can suggest food and wine pairings that will make each bite and sip taste better. The Wine Gallery stocks an eclectic array of gourmet meats, cheeses, chocolates, sauces, and crackers to accompany a picnic or an informal supper.
  • Our gift baskets are a stunning presentation of the wines and foods you select.
  • If you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, a big party or just a special dinner, we can help match the menu and select the right quantities of wine to make the affair memorable.
  • Great value means a lot to all of us. Nearly 80% of our wines are $19.95 or LESS.