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Heart Month

February = Heart Month

Heart Disease is responsible for 1 of every 3 deaths for women in the US. Cardiac Diseases are the #1 cause of deaths globally! 

We have known for years that flavonoids in red wine are known for their heart heart healthy antioxidant powers. Chief among the heart healthy flavonoids are the procyanidins. The grape highest in procyanidins is Tannat. Our Red Wine of the Month for February is Tannat and a glass of that a day may not have you running marathons, but it will do the best for your heart. To learn more, come on in to the store and we'll share! Also, if you want to give your heart some extra LOVE, try a bottle of the Garzon Tannat !!
(#41 on Wine Spectator's Top 100 list)

   Skinner Vineyards goes back over a Century ago, but the story started in 2006.

Skinner Smithereens is a Rhone Style Red blend in honor of the Great, Great, Great Grandfather, James Skinner. Here is a quick glimpse of how the Skinner Family Vineyards carried on a family legacy..... 

It all started by a successful Gold Rush Miner, James Skinner.... CLICK HERE for        Video