Summer Sale!

"End of Summer" Detox at the Wine Gallery! The Summer Sale starts now! We are getting ready for the new Fall selections, so some wines must go! Get in on the good deals while they last!



An Italian wine produced in the Piedmont region with a grape called NEBBIOLO. Both Barbaresco and Barolo suffered greatly from phylloxera, leading to low quality production. It wasn't until WWII that a family producer called Gaia (guy-uh) began to bring quality back to Barbaresco wines. Another great step to quality was the start of the Produttori del Barbaresco in 1958 - a consortium of small producers making famous single vineyard wines. 

We bought the last of the 2011 Single Vineyard Produtorri del Barbaresco's:
Rio Sordo Riserva, 96 Wine Advocate; 93 Vinous
Rabaja Riserva, 94 Wine Advocate; 95 Vinous
Montefico Riserva, 94 Wine Advocate; 93 Vinous
Montestefano Riserva, 94 Wine Advocate; 94 Vinous


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